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Spoken Hyperlinks from the FOWD Conference November 9, 2007

Posted by pakman050 in Blogging, Books, Business, Design, Information Architecture, User Experience, Web Development.

Social/Web 2.0
All the different ways to see, hear, and laugh at other people on the web (or vice-versa).

“We use a combination of technology and human editors to track and grow online buzz for a select group of partners. Our proprietary technology detects positive buzz about a client’s product, and our editors write headlines that point to the very best of these links.”

“We made Scrapblog drag-and-drop-easy so that everyone can tell their stories and create beautiful multimedia scrapbooks.”

“A community based t-shirt company…” making millions!

“Rememble is a ‘washing line’ for your digital bits and pieces. Thread together texts, photos, videos, sounds, scribbles, scans, notes, tweets… so they’re not drifting in a digital wasteland.”

“The next generation media blog that easily integrates all your audio, video, photos and writin seamlessly in one place.”
Nifty design-related stuff

Veerle’s Blog
“I’m a graphic/web designer living in Belgium. My personal journal is an online source for topics ranging from XHTML/CSS to graphic design tips.”

Dave Shea’s Blog
“I’m a Vancouver local and a freelance designer. I’m happiest when designing, building, or creating something that didn’t previously exist; this has taken many forms over the years.”

Yahoo! Pattern Library
“A pattern describes an optimal solution to a common problem within a specific context.”

ElliotJayStock’s Blog
” Senior Designer at Carson Systems<!–Carsonified–>, a small but influential company located in Bath, England. ”

Jina Bolton’s Blog
“Jina Bolton is a 24-year-old interactive designer & artist, working/residing in Silicon Valley. She adores modern/contemporary design, & has an appreciation for retro/vintage design. She digs web standards, karaoke, sushi, design, art, writing, markup, life, & you…”

“Subscribe to JPG Magazine to get the best photos, features, and interviews delivered right to your doorstep six times a year.”

email standards project
“Working with email client developers and the design community to improve web standards support and accessibility in email. ”

Applications to make life better

37signals.com (and also http://gettingreal.37signals.com/)

“Basically, if you need to send invoices, Blinksale can work for you.”

“Ext is a client-side, JavaScript framework for building web applications.”

“Campaign Monitor is built for designers who can create great looking emails for themselves and their clients, but need software to send each campaign, track the results and manage their subscribers.”


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