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Highlight text for readability and scan-ability October 1, 2006

Posted by pakman050 in Design, Information Architecture, Usability.

While looing for interesting design events in nyc on Google Calender (more on this later), I stumbled upon the Type Directors Club web site.

As you know with websites, its always a competition for content and space. Company positioning, marketing, product information, and brand information are some of the content types that will be in competition on the homepage. Simplifying content and massaging it to fit a limited space while being able to keep positive user experience is increasingly difficult.

Users need witespace for their eyes to rest, they can’t make decisions well with too many options and its your job to make it all work.

So here is a good example of using visual design to help make it work.

Type Directors Club web site use an interesting mechanism to improve the readability and scan-ability of the page. As you move your mouse over areas of text, the background of the text becomes lighter thus increaseing the ability to read the text better. While the mouse is not on the text it goes into its normal “not-so-contrast-esque” design, this makes the page look less “busy” and “cluttered”. Meanwhile, the page is filled with content and a flexible front end makes for litte white space no matter how you size the browser.

See for your self as the Type Directors Club web site.




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