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My Favorite Thing About FireFox August 26, 2006

Posted by pakman050 in Information Architecture, Usability.

A brief evolution on my favorite browsers over the years… in college (1995-1999) I used Netscape 4.71… for most of my professional experience (2000-2004) I’ve used Internet Explorer various versions … since I’ve discovered FireFox (2005-present [and beyond]) I found it to be loads useful and user friendly.

The biggest switch factor for me wasn’t the tabbed browsing, but the organization of bookmarks coupled with tagged browsing. Every time users go online they have a set of websites to visit. Before tabbed browsing, one had to type in the url or click a bookmark to see the page, once done with the page you type in another url or click your next book mark, and so on and so forth. The cycle is broken if you find something interesting in one of the sites and taken off in a tangent.

This is where FireFox comes in to save the day. I organize the websites I want to visit by topic:

  • Blogs: these are the websites that pertain to my blogs
  • Info: these are the websites that I use to get information on whats going on in the world
  • Research: these are the websites that I do go when I need to conduct research

I can click on “Open in Tabs” and within an instant all my websites are available and loaded within my one browser and encapsulated within different tabs. All I need to do is click around the tabs and look at the information that I need. If I find something interesting I can click on it and keep that experience within one tab while the continuum of information that I originally sought after is in tact.

This allows users a hierarchical way to parse through content and can be visualized like a tree.



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