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Megatron, is that you? August 26, 2006

Posted by pakman050 in Entertainment.

What are they thinking?



There is hope.



1. oliver - September 5, 2006

being a long time TF fan & collector, i can honestly say that i was a little disappointed with the megatron image that has surfaced. however, i follow/collect TF’s for enjoyment & recreation. rather, they shouldn’t cause the stress & anger that i’ve seen with these other fanboys. granted, i grew up on the G1 line, i really think that as toys & characters they’ve evolved just fine. really, the current “cybertron” line has produced, imo, some of the finest molds & color schemes ever. the G1 toys are inferior by comparison. and as much as i loved the G1 cartoon, the inking & story’s left much to be desired. in fact, i think the “beast wars” line had some of the best character development, writing, etc. my point? TF’s are a phenomenom. a cultural icon. americana (uh, japanicana?) either way, we’re ready to fight tooth & nail over what we feel is accurate or correct. relax. they’re making a FULL LENGTH LIVE ACTION MOVIE WITH TRANSFORMING ROBOTS!!! thats enough for me. in fact, bumblebee looks okay, & prime is shaping up okay, too. gives megs a chance. he’ll get there. besides, they’re aliens. remember the original G1 megatron toy? yeah, he sucked. he looked weird, had a projecting pelvis & a “mushroom” head. im all for change. look at the “energon” line or “cybertron” line megs, awesome!! im glad they’re reinventing the concept, molds. TF’s are, actually, all about change.

2. pakman050 - September 5, 2006


Your right. I’m sure you understand the passion and emotion that TF fans feel when we see one of our most cherished icons change.

Yes, the TF’s have been evolving nicely… I’ve always loved the G1 characters and their look. But yes, life is full of change.

Yes, the beastwars storyline was the best and most thoughtout, although not the best looking.

Yes, we are getting a movie. Its been 21 years since the Tf’s saw the big screen! (God, Im old!)

Yes, the original Megs was weird. And how a big robot like that can transform into a hand gun (a luger no less) is beyond me.

I’m willing to go in with an open mind, but I think I can speak for all TF fans when I say, don’t eff it up! 😛

Oliver, thank you for being the voice of reason.

3. laudy - September 6, 2006

haha you all are so cute with the TFs

4. laudy - September 6, 2006

im sorry, i didnt mean TFs are cute or anything. Please dont hurt me!

5. pakman050 - September 18, 2006


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