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Doesn’t the Name ForBiddeN Sound Familar? August 10, 2006

Posted by pakman050 in Business, Internet Marketing, Websites.

For all of you who have had a MySpace account for the last year have probably gotten a friend request from Christine Dolce or better known as ForBiddeN. I’ve gotten one once and I have denied her because all of my friends on MySpace are people that I really know.

Doesn't this pic match my blog?On July 29th the Wall Street Journal writes a story on how some of the web’s amateur entertainers are becomming powerful players. Christine Dolce has nearly one million friends which makes her “arguably one of the most connected people on the Internet”.

This 24 year-old cosmetologist who until a few months ago worked at a makup counter in a mall, she now has a manager and a start-up jeans company and has won promotional deals for two mainstream consumer brands.

Who’d a thunk it!

[ForBiddeN on MySpace]


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1. pakman050 - April 13, 2007

I don’t know exactly why (well maybe I do), but this post had a massive jump in views today.

As a treat for all here is a photoset for:
Sorry guys the link is no longer available… đŸ˜¦


2. Gath - June 14, 2007

it’s because of the guy’s choice awards

she won sexiest cybervixen over tila nguyen (tequila’s a stupid name)

3. kat - February 1, 2009

i love this picture she looks hot!!
tila tequila sucks… no one is
hotter then forbidden and
kat von d they are really both hot people!!!

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