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Google Analytics July 21, 2006

Posted by pakman050 in Business, Websites.

For anyone looking for a cheap and easy solution for metrics on their website. Google Analytics is an excellent choice!

Go to the Google Analytics homepage and request an innvitation.

Its a tight package that gives you tons of data on your web site (pretty graphs and charts included). I’ve added it to my blog, and I’ve gotten customers to use it as a cheaper solution to WebTrends, which made a bold and positive statement with its version 7. Version 8 is on the cusp, so we’ll get to see the two companies to head to head.

Here are the dashboard metrics available.

Executive Overview

  • Visits & Pageviews
  • New Visitors vs. Returning Visitors Compaison
  • Visitor Geography (cool world map)
  • Visits by Source

Conversion Summary – this is an area that I am still playing with. In a nutshell you can input the key points users have to go through before you have a conversion and Google Analytics will track users through that path of conversion.

Marketing Summary

  • Sources
  • Keywords
  • Campaigns

Content Summary

  • Entrances
  • Exits
  • Top Content

Site Overlay – now this is cool. Google Analytics will show you a screenshot of your page and graphically show you where people click.

Here is a list of all the reports available

Marketing Optimization

  • Unique Visitor Tracking
    • Daily Visitors
    • Visits & Pageview Tracking
    • Goal Conversion Tracking
    • Absolute Unique Visitors
    • Visitor Loyalty
    • Visitor Recency
  • Visitor Segment Performance
    • New vs. Returning
    • Referring Source
    • Geo Location
    • Network Location
    • Language
    • User-defined
    • Domains
    • Marketing Campaign Results
    • Campsign Conversion
    • Source Conversion
    • Referral Conversion
    • Compaign ROI
    • Source ROI
    • Medium ROI
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • All CPC Analysis
    • AdWords Analysis
    • Adwords Keyword Positions
    • Overall Keyword Converion
    • CPC vs Organic Converion
    • Keyword Considerations

Content Optimization

  • Ad Version testing
    • Overall Ad A/B Testing
      Source Specific Testing
    • Keyword Specific Testing
    • Content Performance
    • Top Content
    • Content Drilldown
    • Content by Titles
    • Dynamic Content
    • Depth of Visit
    • Length of Visit
    • Navigational Analysis
    • Entrance Bounce Rates
    • Top Exit Points
    • Site Overlay
    • Initial Navigation
    • All Navigation
  • Goals & Funnal Process
    • Goal Tracking
    • Goal Conversion
    • Defined Funnel Navigation
    • Defined Funnel Abandonment
      Reverse Goal Path
    • Goal Verification
    • Web Design Parameters
    • Browser Versions
    • Platform Versions
    • Browser & Platform Combos
    • Screen Resolutions
    • Screen Colors
    • Languages
    • Java Enabled
    • Flash Version
    • Connection Speed
    • Hostnames


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