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My Thoughts on Blogging July 18, 2006

Posted by pakman050 in Blogging, Life.

So this is my first official blog. I do have a MySpace account; although, its more for keeping in touch with those that I know (ok, maybe I’m a little bit addicted). Yes, I am a virgin to the blogosphere. Wanted to share some of the information and emotions tied to blogging. My good friend from MadMunkey told me, “The key to successful blogging is to update regularly (daily or more) and to let people know you are there.”

So I have been updating regularly, but I haven’t let people know that I’m out here. I think very soon the announcement will be made. In my mind I wanted to have some content up here for people to digest.

This brings me to the emotional aspect of blogging. Since starting the blog I’ve felt some pressure to blog. Perhaps its an anticipation for getting my words out there. Then again it can be fear of failure, i.e. to post information that you all find is mundane and old news. Blogging has an interesting myriad of emotions attached to it. I’ll probably provide more insight, as I get more experienced. Is anyone else feeling this way?

Right now email is the #1 activity done on the Internet. In the future I think blogs will overtake email as I believe a new form of email will be brought into play that will be powered by blogs.



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