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Websites You Can’t Live Without… July 17, 2006

Posted by pakman050 in Life, Websites.

Results of a small survey on “Websites You Can’t Life Without…”

The results charted obvious trends showing us that people drive online for 4 basic reasons:

Utilities/ Life Management – websites that provide us a service that would normally take much more effort. Sites like Google, help us search through trillions of bytes; Wachovia, helps us to transfer money and pay bills; Shoprite (in select areas) has online service where you can drive up and pick up your food; the list goes on and on. Even sites like Amazon that not only allow us to buy whatever we want but also give us the track listings of just about any album in the last umpteen years.

Communications & Social Networking – websites that allow us to communicate with each other. Email is by far the most popular reason to be online. Many people now rely on popular email sites like Gmail, Yahoo, etc, to manage their multiple personal emails. Social netowrking sites like Myspace and LiveJournal have dramatically changed the way we keep in touch. MySpace has taken over the market of visits on the web owning 4.46% of the share of visits ranking among all U.S. websites. (stat – www.clickz.com)

Entertainment – websites that entertain us. The Internet is the new Solitaire! Places where we can get a laugh, a scare, procrastinate and any other pleasure. YouTube and Revver videos fall into this category as well as aggregates video sites like CubeBreak. Gaming sites like Orisinal and Yahoo!Games give people the ability to explore a plethora of games.

News and Information – websites that keep us informed of our world. I say our world because each of us chooses what information we want to stay abreast of, its what we want to pay attention to. Sites like MSNBC and CNN can help us to keep up with the world. However there are many blogs that we can subscribe to via RSS and keep up to date with the information that matters to us the most.



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